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Alexis Khazzam

CEO of AppsCo

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AppsCo is a not-for-profit organization providing a fully integrated business learning experience for public school students. AppsCo’s sole purpose is generating revenues and raising funds for the school district while employing participating students over non scholastic months. AppsCo has close ties to Peoria Public Schools. Though its original focus as a student-run business has changed, it relies on teenage expertise with social media as it teaches them business skills and provides job opportunities.

AppsCo which stands for A Peoria Public Schools company, was launched by serial entrepreneur, Alexis Khazzam. AppsCo is a software application doubling as a learning tool to give students hands-on business experience and, potentially, a paycheck.  AppsCo’s sole purpose is to generate revenue and raise funds for the school district while employing participating students over non scholastic months. Their mission is to create a safe environment that challenges minds and fosters mentorship through local business leaders, giving students life skills and business experience critical to shaping their future in the workplace or continuing education.

AppsCo is a multifaceted initiative investing in the future health of their community by teaching business education and fostering student relationships with local leaders. This has resulted in the best and brightest students staying local to help communities thrive going forward.

Apart from AppsCo, Alexis Khazzam is the owner of Junction Ventures. Khazzam works diligently to split his time evenly between Alpha Jeeps and Motorsport, Junction City, and AppsCo. Aside from his work, Alexis Khazzam is equally passionate about his community outreach efforts and helping students reach their true potential. When he’s not at work, Alexis is often spending time with his family in Peoria, IL.



AppsCo values student insight. Students actively participate in running a real marketing company to help local businesses increase their community and online presence via mobile app development, SEO, and internet marketing.


AppsCo helps clients connect to their customers on any device to build their brand, engage, and increase sales. The nonprofit also allows clients to track their actions and learn valuable data about your customers and their shopping habits. AppsCo connects their clients with their customers, engaging them on leading social media platforms.